“Our Mission is to Equip Disciples to Pursue and Serve Christ!”


Clean…Loving…Secure Environment

Nursery & Preschool Care is available for every service located on the NW end of the Building A.

We love our Babies and Toddlers and strive to provide a safe, clean and loving environment for them.


Safety & Security

* Our check-in security system allows you to register your child’s attendance with us. Each child will receive a numbered security tag, parent/guardian will receive a corresponding numbered tag/card. Children will be released only to the adult with the corresponding tag/card.

* The assigned numbered tag/card will serve as a way to notify parents when children require your attention.
* To avoid congestion in the hallway of the preschool department, it is requested that only one parent/guardian drop-off & pick-up child. Older siblings will not be allowed to drop-off or pick-up children.
* A current information sheet must be kept on file for each child.(Please see director to make any changes or update information.)

* All nursery rooms are staffed with volunteers who have undergone a background screening process to ensure the safety of your children.

* All parents are expected to participate by serving once a month during worship times.


Health/Wellness Policy

1. Fever: temperature of 99 degrees or higher
2. Pink Eye and eye infections
3. Vomiting and/or diarrhea
4. Any symptom of childhood diseases such as chicken pox, strep throat, flu, and croup

5. Any unexplained rash or skin infections (ringworm, boils, 5th disease, etc)
6. Lice
7. Eye/Nose drainage(thick, green, or pus-like drainage from eye or nose)
Children who appear ill during a church activity will be isolated and you will be notified immediately.
Preschool/ Nursery Directors: Kim Pless & Crystal Horne